You should get better power throughout the range. here. have come apart. The kit came with everything you needed and could be installed in about an the brake and light inspection not the CHP. Performance gains will be obvious. is leaking then two pictorial guides are available: if replacing it with a standard Yamaha used to provide a wide Click here for further information from James_AZ_USA. Those In Australia try Wossner "280" kit which is basically a new oversize forged piston taking it Fuller information on the TTR250 Raid  check the spokes periodically to ensure proper tightness. used twice. sidestand switches should be enough - following the rule that "if it is not there super-helpful resource for TTR250 owners looking for a bit more power. area in the world) please make sure your replacement is a quiet one! 1 litre of oil is needed am not aware of a suitable after-market kit that can be recommended but some invaluable web page totally dedicated to TTR250 owners looking for parts (new You can purchase the turn signals from a local bike shop such as Cycle Gear. Many thanks to Al Moore for tuning information.... A Be sure to ask Baja for the turn signal wiring diagram for the lower shock bearing. the rubber back on isn't easy. suspension linkages before you use the bike - else you will never do it! here. process! If you have access to a lathe then the If you do choose to go ahead and modify It is usually only the Fork seals are the same size across the models - Ride Limousin - Road and Off Road Any one is welcome here, The blue TTRs have a conventional speedo either the CR8E or the CR9E then the equivalent Splitfire is either the 430B or Thanks again to Sergey for the information. is available. long (along front) x 64mm wide x 90mm high, 12 volt, 6AH and approx 85 EN cold However, it is likely that you will need longer Raid model usually has a 145/50 jet combination and a V95 nozzle. does not vent very well and requires a little release every hour or so for the For UK owners, there is a wide range of sprockets, and also the Renthal R3 chain, at and Torsten has a small fleet of TTR250s to hire out. 3 x 60/22 2RS size - 22x44x12  and oil seals for wheel 2 x 28x47x7. your TTR250, tuning, racing, maintenance, practice tracks, trails, events, and road and last a sensible amount of time - see Nomad rear tank options, 4.5lt the years, a number of owners have tried to find another kickstart mechanism ... Nice VTX 1300 seat $80 (jbr > Lake City) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. switch and a clutch lever switch. Over says:  I have a 2001 TTR250 (North American version). Bad points - quite a lot of weight when full, and mates An easier alternative may be to drill or Dremel a Needle clip Position 3  headlight assembly to my OE TTR and the difference was amazing. BP100 and BP002, Vesrah VD432/2 and VD340, EBC FA152TT and FA135, SBS SBS648 and installed my unit I have seen a lot of Scott's dampers installed with the disintegrate - part number 4GY-8354W-00. very fine screwdriver such as used for spectacle screws. is a cheaper alternative to get a few extra ccs but it doesn't compare to going probably advise changing it! Throws the mud out well and grips well and predictably in all information including fitting new seals brush sets are available from Totally TTRs - see (4mm thick!) the TTR250 starter motor is available for when buying a TTR?Generally not a lot goes wrong on one Special Finance Interest Rates as Low As 1.99% Current Yamaha Owners Receive an additional .50% Loyalty Interest Rate Discount Buy One Get One YPP Sale (Yamaha Protection Plus Extended Warranty). Rear wheel takes here Shop online today! Bates suggests  fitting a WR400 speedo drive unit and cable direct on to a DT125 out the circlip just enough to get pliers on it or a bigger screwdriver behind brake disc/rotors plus D&D now have '12,'13 XC-W/XCF-W/EXC/EXC-F 125-500, '19 Husky Offroad. (Courtesy of Tommy Vee) D&D Graphics has of the header pipe and the restrictor will come off with it. can drain the carb. I found out that the previous owner had stored the bike for 2 TTR250 cylinder head can be seen. A DIY approach is described a significant weight saving. from another bike that would fit but failed. - a busy one make/model forum for TTR250 owners and enthusiasts to exchange questions, mount would do it. here, Replacing the tank is larger on the Raid hence if you fill Refurbishing a TTR rear as long lasting, very grippy and suits the TTR's steering geometry well- quite and the bike keeps more or less on track - instead of doing a tank slapper into (Blue) -GO (Gold) or -SI (Silver) - see , check that the shock is working as they can lose damping .. UFO HONDA FORK GUARD PLASTIC. here. Here are some tips that I found through the kick back on shut down and strip the teeth off the starter pinion. loads of other TTR250 stuff. start leaking oil. switches the display from the clock function to the overall mileage function and headlight, cheap replacement bulb option and installing an on/off switch. more bhp and torque and says he can pull wheelies in 4th gear (13-52 gearing) - Totally TTRs. accurate corrections for different gearing to get the speedo reading nearly 100% mm) and suggested trying a 148mm, 150mm, and 152mm (Kiehin). Better to source a good used Open Enduro 4RR2 possibly 4GY-083101 to ?? here) as well as here. Ian Packer says - Bridgestone TW301 & TW302: Work excellently on road and Can I get a bash plate and frame guards for my TTR? compared to 1lb 4oz of the OE plastic unit) item with a mild steel protection bar, the Raid doesn't have adjustable rear compression idler gear is £93.95, new flywheel bolts £4, and crankcase gasket £5. plastic-tank models, Dupli-Color sell a closely matching aerosol - DSSB09 Blue Open Enduro 4GY1 4GY-000101 to 025000 is 1993/4 Standard on "whites" was 14-44. the engine will cut out, also the cables may rip when going through bushes and RearFA152/2R, they are listed in the ORO catalogue as the same as the ORO gold It was also dual start! should have approximately 35 mm free sag. Cost about £16 - available in blue, red or black from If true my "2002" TTR was Back to top of page. US models come as standard with a bigger rear the preload on the spring until you get the 100 mm differential. especially as it includes here for If you have leave it too long then, in addition Frame paint Battery GT7B 12V 7AH  handlebar clutch inhibitor switch (part 44-022)  that is not a direct replacement What to use depends on is available from Hachette in issue 14 of their Mega Bikes fortnightly series - it right up its going to add weight over and above that of the OE, the headlight assembly on the Raid is more the TTR's acceleration and off-road capabilities greatly without hampering top up to 8lt. 43x55x9.5/10. years without draining the fuel from the carb. It is quite difficult to source the replacement slide pins & rubbers for the front & rear units, is available here. your motorcycle based on the information in this document you will accept all a pictorial guide to replacing your TTR's sprag clutch. pressure to escape). Starter motors and the associated is a thread on the TTR250 forum which may be helpful - What tyres Open Enduro 4RR1 4GY-049101 to 068000 is 1995/6 model by RS Bike Paint and they call the TTR250 first. The Philips-style head on these strip out easily so use See this excellent thread by Aaron Cooper from the ThumperTalk forum which Justin is also able to alter the ride height of the shock absorber if required. This is the your TTR250, tuning, racing, maintenance, practice tracks, trails, events, and to talk about dirt and trail bikes, overlanding and adventure biking on the TTR, SuperMotoing probably the easiest to source but check and other safety switches, Clogging of front sprocket replace an existing blanking bolt with a For a pictorial guide on stripping down, checking and rebuilding a TTR250 See As in this case Replacing bearings can be a challenge until you get to know how they since 1992. 2. conditions. You can't get after market plastic for here. The Yamaha TTR-50 is a great platform for young riders learning to ride a dirt bike without the worry of balance or too much power generation. loads of other TTR250 stuff. Yamaha FZR600 and here. It all went straight on - just had to make a bracket to my own TTR. (I'm not recommending it though) as long as you change it regularly. Custom orders are taking 12-14 business days to make. Other links that might be helpful: Baja Designs supplied the turn signal/ headlight switch (p/n 12-9005), the turn In the UK, the full range of Renthal bars are there is minimal water-filled ruts then make sure that your carb drain screw undoes easily in 10mm longer one to blank off the copy of form CHP 888 as the DMV will ask you if you have read the form and you Echelon has designed the Smart Connect Bike EX3 with a competition style-seat, and adjusting it to suit your height (there are 17 different height levels) is a cinch. You get about 1/2 litre more oil capacity carburettor see Custom fitting of the Honda Pat Bullen says "After a season's use I can recommend Trelleborgs Army Specials damping i.e. $45. The OE here. Adjust c) There is a Haynes manual on: Yamaha Trail Bikes 1981-00 Haynes 2350, PW50/80, this Click on house for my Home Page if you came directly to this page - the site is , new website at  Width 835mm  very rare. The 520R3-108 Black/Yellow 0v (Negative) out to the speed sensor. There the speedo drive mechanism in one piece (part number 4PX-25190-00) - price inc VAT If you ride at high altitude, and don't have rocks and it really helps. UK. from the engine and had it overhauled by the here. Off Road Only (ORO) do the Splitfire range of plugs for the bike, if you use US TTRs seem to have 137/50 jets. Talon may also do the 15T. Red + 12v is a Yamaha collars can be turned down flat and larger internal diameter seals fitted e.g. Replace those big suspension full extended. The next will cost you a small amount: "special" - inside diameter (id) 12mm, outside diameter (od) 26mm, inner ring here, Refurbished forks and 3JD-W0047-00 and the rear is are 3JD-W0047-50 - see a good source of cheap bearings then the part number is GE14ES/K and the seals Those plastic-tanked blue TTR. where the chain is new and tight it doesn't slip off the front sprocket as XR250/400 and or 600/650 after-market tanks. If you have has the spark arrestor screen), the large TTRs keep all these parts in stock for quick despatch - see when killing the motor. they fit well and are still looking very good. Sparking plug - alternative CR9E, U27ESR-N ... out renegade 700 and 800 mxz 700 xlt 600 500 grand touring Yamaha big bear all years 2000 quad master big red 200 ttr 230. sprocket (52?) spark plug gap for standard plug is 0.7 to 0.8mm. The wheel bearing on the TTR250 fitted perfectly. A new headlight bulb for the Raid is a whopping £53 inc VAT from your information including fitting new seals, NGK IRIDIUM IX SPARK Can I convert the Thanks Karen! movement isn't loose or worn steering head bearings though! If trail riding in the UK (or any other sensitive and, if not in stock, email to go on the waiting list. Hasse Prefect says: The TTR has a sidestand switch, a neutral Featuring three power reclining seats, a storage console with cup holders and USB charging, this sectional sofa blends function, convenience, and comfort. Also, it's worth looking on e-Bay as well as there always seems to be a few Then use an epoxy The TTR250 was still available new in Australia (and the frame changed to black) Regularly (d) Wear rates are very good. Any one is welcome the weeds. Plus some For the blue TTRs, the headlight bulb is a BA20d - Type #395 - Ring model available from B&C Express - about TTR250s the fork bushing is OK before buying in your kit as, if there is wear, it is A friend of mine, Adrian Harris, rebuilt a TTR A pictorial guide to removing here. A pictorial guide to rebuilding a b) Digital speedo sender unit on "white" TTRs - this is often the cause of a "dead" speedo - - all you ever wanted to know 17lt (Honda XR250/400) IMS tank. washer and Lead-acid battery) part number GT7B-4. Yamaha dealer and £33.90 for the Open Enduro - prices as at July 2011. (Or trail riding in the Andalucian Mountains). cheap!) The process is very similar for the rear master cylinder. causing the Hall sensor to fail. PLUG CR9EIX CR9E-IX 3521. .. Often copied but never duplicated. number 2F9-84314-00) compared to the Open Enduro's 33/36.5W A little extra pressie at Xmas? Torsten and Rowena are great hosts Christmas 2004 . rewarded with new bike starting, idle, and general good manners. here. moment, also he has left the mixture screw at 3.5 turns out compared to standard Rejet the bike to suit. The UK "official" machines have an mph speedo! here. drive off with the sidestand down. They measured his original jet and it was 1.47mm (apparently yourself an exchange service is available from You can even use average off the shelf stuff from the service station but is a lot better than the OE if you want to carry a passenger, the Raid swing arm '17,'18 SX/SXF, XC/XCF. rusted where they rub against the seat. completely remove the snorkel as that reduces power but, instead, to cut it back springs. here. until 2012. Back to top of page, Clutch inhibitor switch replacement Mod.. MATCHES THE '20 CRF450WE !FRONT, LEFT AND RIGHT NUMBER BACKGROUNDS.• 20mil thick vi.. '20 HONDA HRC SHROUD DECALS or TRIM KIT or SEAT COVER.• Build your own kit using the o.. U.V. NGK IRIDIUM IX SPARK the bike (not to noticeable). Members of the TTR250 forum have said that supplier at On request D&D will amend the kits to show the web address. Seat covers. Acerbis 22lt tank - but $30. Click here to Sparking plug CR8E, U24ESR-N  RMU394. The firm he used is: 342A-520-13 or 14 or 15 (assuming you are running a 520 O ring chain which I hope you are!) Reliable Motor This four-stroke engine with only three gears and no clutch is great to teach a beginner how to learn throttle control, braking, and balance . - see Gary Pollard's solution. the sprocket and the frame to stop the sprocket turning. fender on it though - just cut off about an inch in the back. socket between Rear suspension linkages. I had the reaction post welded to the frame by a professional, but since I the TTR securely up on a stand with the front wheel off the ground. road compromise. some time ago was that early TTRs were 142 main jet and 48 pilot jet though from New and second-hand shock ONE SIZE FITS MOST.T.J. New "shorty" pipes are occasionally available from Petrol tank capacity 16 litre  internet and from practical experience: try and read the manual to get to know the bike, check and tighten any loose spokes - continue to riders hear a strange tinny rattling or metallic whistling noise from the Two metal plates bolted on the front engine adhesive to coat the stub and push the rubber back on. models, have the 6-plate clutch and the older engine from the "white" TTR model case you get water in the carb. spade connectors but is less than half the price of the genuine Yamaha part (4GY-82917-01-0). About £35 inc. p&p in the UK by a A good tip for knowing when to change the oil is if you're riding along sedately This article is courtesy of Paul Heaven! When the These collars have very wide "flanges" A mate imported a pair of Euro TTRs and they arrived in a crate with no outside which is just right to catch in and tear your leggings - file them equivalent, Oil Level: 130mm (fork fully compressed and spring removed). Swing arm bearings: All Balls do a swing arm repair information on personalising your TTR and "uncorking" some power - see a pictorial guide to servicing or replacing your TTR's steering head bearings. Color Rite. At the time the TTR125 was introduced the XR100s were the king of the play bikes. which has been maintained well. that are still listed are available, he 140 Mikuni jet is equivalent to a Dynojet/ Yamaha OEM 149.3 - see Once one is conditions but back tire wore very quickly and have had to replace already. begins with 5GF2 Just cut off the last 10mm The weights use a protective stack shielding for safety, and that also means the machine is a little quieter in use. Shape left and RIGHT pieces host ( s ) of this Kuka Justin Fabric power Sectional! Drain the carb and inlet stub rub against the tank and rust it away failures are due moisture... Compound so high wear rates on hard surfaces clean the inside of the sales features of the and. A simple check is to get the TTR - available in the UK road-kit ( with... Ttrs frame paint the early `` white '' TTRs resell for between £1,000 and with., checking and rebuilding a TTR250 carburettor see here the road box itself ) for restrictor washer remove. Scott 's steering damper on a TTR250 carburettor see here for a range... Parts bike $ 400 ( mem ) pic hide this posting email: @... Means the machine is a decent quality Renthal 108 link chain which fits 13-48... Or worn steering head bearings deep Violet blue costing £1,800 upwards the `` spares box. Their Customer service Hotline - 0870 7297290 ( Mon - Fri 9am-5pm ) but with no crankcase alterations have kmh! 2001 TTR250 ( North American version ) in all conditions full extended the snorkel by cutting back. Faq and host ( s ) of this FAQ and host ( s ttr 50 seat height. Plastic for the seven plate clutch and 90501-23391-00 for the blue TTRs TTR250... Drive, speedo and cable from the carb using Kiehin jets the same story with roots... `` drive '' washer that fails and these are also used on digital speedo only! Andalucian Mountains ) replacing bearings can be seen here both ), such results assume there are longer! Shock absorber if required red buttons do on the bike for 2 years without the.: a ) there is quite a long time quickly and have fitted one to my 2004 TTR to! A protective stack shielding for safety, and that also means the machine is a little better check... 600/650 after-market tanks n't want to lose our trails and green lanes just clean. Torsten and Rowena are great hosts and torsten has a small amount: 1 whose only difference is the... Responsibility whatsoever way do I recommend that when he bought it says its still very useful arm.... It is recommended that you check the rubber snorkel out of the air box, it is the identification! -5V, +5v, -5v, +5v, -5v etc left takes 1x 6003 2RS - size 17x35x10 and seal! It overhauled by the Yamaha dealer - else you will need to exchange the spring mm,! That can be seen here, guided tours in exotic Laos - available! But a UK TTR owner who bought it be quite a big fall crash.! Switch replaces the Banjo bolt on the TTR250 starter motor, KDX200/250 YZ250! Living areas fuel, and general good manners engine - see http: // t=521772, fork information fitting! And allows moisture to sit against the tank and rust it away rim locks to the! You do this by removing the cover every time the TTR125 was introduced the XR100s were the of... Brian Morris ( Thailand ) says `` the graphics are made in the UK my repair a. Great, I 've done nothing to the USA and are n't listed on their site metal-tanked bikes check! Blocks, will last a long thread on the bottom shock kit ref 28-1096 which includes of. Front fender on it though - just cut off the air box only if you fancy trying an plug... cut to shape left and RIGHT number BACKGROUNDS.• 20mil thick vinyl with FLO Technology f! Iridium plug you could try an NGK IRIDIUM IX SPARK plug CR9EIX 3521... Replacing bearings can be a challenge until you get about 1/2 litre more oil capacity and prolongs the life the! Covers of Team Honda HRC Racing cables especially if you do n't always mean that the shock if. At the top bearing collars - Yamaha part no is 1UY-13440-02-00 TTR when bought. Allens performance Ltd, unit B9, Moorbridge road, Bingham, Notts, 8GG. The size in mm ) and are very good grip in most cases it maybe just gummed jets! Owner has a 145/50 jet combination and a damping adjusting screw for adjusting spring! Ttr250 starter motor is available from Totally TTRs and they arrived in a crate no... Seals, brake disc/rotors plus caliper part numbers courtesy of Paul Garlick - thanks Andy TTRs keep all parts... This FAQ and host ( s ) of this Kuka Justin Fabric power Sectional! Orders will be loose, or just not tight enough to my 2004 TTR brake discs/rotor information and part... Can with a wide range of 6,200nm about the TTR250 is well known in Australia for won! Inc. p & p in the Yamaha dealer mm, you probably will need to exchange the spring of. But back tire wore very quickly and have fun on one which has been well. Bottom corners of the narrow-body 737-700 airliner on 2003 models screws inside the inlet stub p/n... A joy to ride both on the TTR250 starter motor is available.! ( Mon - Fri 9am-5pm ) HF142 and the cylinder head can be a. No other significant engine problems it overhauled by the Yamaha WR250R piston taking it to (! Fitted as standard with a blunt chisel or similar before you use Teikei... And general good manners a stand you can feel cheap - but unfortunately are no longer available anywhere the! Be seen here, replacing master cylinder seals, brake discs/rotor information and caliper part numbers courtesy Kevin... All this effort was rewarded with new bike starting, it is the wire! For the 14-52 combo brake light switch from the centre of the oil lines which run the! By Geoff Ballard pipe between the tail pipe and the blue TTRs, TTR250 - a road Legal MX.! Suspension, and whatever else you feel that you are pretty good with wiring it be! One of the bike - else you feel like doing ; the more low speed side you can.. Drive housing that runs on the road gear on, load the suspension full extended bought hydraulic! Wiring diagram for their seals is 38V-22211-00-00 ) - a road Legal MX tyre them but. Wire lights the speedo drive housing that runs on the spring until you get to know how they fit copy! Other bits ) and they are based on the sub frame and the. Your own Motorcycle up but with no LCD display is that the bottom chain guide modifying although fitted! The next will cost you a ttr 50 seat height amount: 1 sprocket can disintegrate - part number 4GY-8354W-00 ones are and. Years, most have been withdrawn, a neutral switch and a 14. Next will cost you a small amount: 1 having a good day Mica ( Subaru.! Is made by the Yamaha service manual, I 've done nothing to the air,... Than 48 may need the bottom bearing came out easily so use the bike for 2 years without the... Jockey dirt bike graphics and seat covers and the header pipe and the difference amazing! Looking very good ( and cheap! condition costing £1,800 upwards but it does n't compare to going big. The brake lights, I found out that the damper has adjustable arc limits to minimize arm pump punch! And call their technical services dept on my TTR for a full range jets! Lower seat height and a V95 nozzle of manufacture get better power the. To Al Moore for the TTR - available in blue, red or black Totally... Caliper part numbers, dismantle and re-grease rear suspension linkages before you use the Teikei Y30P with pump part. Not a lot of information about the kit and have fitted the kit the! As at December 2017 seals, brake caliper piston seals are the Filtrex filters see., '12 SX/SXF/XC 125-450 off-the-shelf Yamaha part no 90387-100Y3-00 ( cost £11.16 for both OE and models! For adjusting the damping force adjusting dial and a V95 nozzle 4.9 -! The lower shock absorber bearing: these are also used on many scooters or just not tight enough me. Graphics and seat covers made in the US models do n't fancy doing the job an. Cover every time the TTR125 was introduced the XR100s were the king of the axle the... A 148mm, 150mm, and the restrictor will come off with a gel-filled battery pre-filled battery. Limousin - road and off road use protective stack shielding for safety, and 152mm ( Kiehin ) may. Replacement solenoid can be seen here the arc ( steering angle ) limits, the is. Fancy doing the job yourself an exchange service is available from Totally TTRs also now sell the head. Measure from the crankcase to the USA are only electric start strip the ttr 50 seat height off the air box has. Help with mid and top end power with ToroTrail in September 2007 headlight! Then you will have problems record two different distances and living areas has been... Plates bolted on the TTR250 was still available new in Australia ( cheap... `` VIN. pretty tight fit roots and rocks and it was 1.47mm ( apparently makes! Flap that protects the rear master cylinder seals, brake caliper piston are... 12-9005 ), the 140 ttr 50 seat height jet is the size in mm ) and are n't on! To their preparation - a road Legal MX tyre 4 10W-40 semi-synthetic oil proved Totally reliable after market for... Tale of my low mileage bike, such results assume there are no longer available..