Note: Mountain lions have been spotted over the years at Whiting Ranch. “ parking) 2. Dripping Cave 16 Hiking. It’s always a good day for a family hike in Orange County. On your way up the trail, you’ll pass some private cabins, nearly a century old, that are private inholdings within the canyon. If the lane isn’t wide enough for both, the bicyclist can “take the lane” and ride in the center of the lane to … In Orange County, it’s prime hiking season. You might spot bright orange California newts in the creek, as well as small Pacific tree frogs on rocks along the way. ... Easy trails wind through a rare pocket of old-growth redwoods in the small nature reserve located just outside Guerneville. Peters Canyon. ... > Guide to Mission Trails Bike Paths. South Bay & Orange County Bike Paths Irvine Regional Park. Note: The drive along unpaved Trabuco Creek Road can be as much of an adventure as the hike. ... Best Family-Friendly Bike Trails In OC. First, it’s not a very long path, so even the younger riders won’t get too worn out. In most areas of the country, this is the dead of winter. Children love passing under a “tunnel” formed by the fig plants arching over the trail. Consider Jefferson County, Colorado. After the popularity of the Hike & Brunch post, it seemed natural to pair Orange County bike trails with places to grab a beer afterwards. With its beautiful vistas and fabulous weather, Orange County is the perfect place to enjoy a bike ride with your family.Whether you are headed out on beach cruiser bikes for a day on the coast, or want something more off the beaten path, you’re sure to have a great day on one of these family-friendly bike paths.. Santa Ana River Trail. Bring your dog on a leash but be sure to pick up after them. 1: With about 28 miles of vehicle-free paths in Orange County, the trail is the ultimate user-friendly course for bike riders. It is adjacent to the Dana Point Nature Interpretive Center. Look closely: It’s an earthquake fault where one side was pushed up (or the other dropped down). But the more scenic way back involves turning left, going around the chain-link fence, and then picking up the Bluebird Trail to your right. Experienced bikers can take city streets to the beach and jump on the “Strand” bike trail (see below). (Photo by Mindy Schauer, Orange County Register/SCNG). Class I – off-street paved bike paths – shared by people walking, running, biking, skating, etc. This page lists trails for walking, hiking, biking, skating and horseback riding in the Orlando, Florida area. Playa del Rey Bike Path On Culver Blvd. This is a narrow path full of greenery, shaded by oak trees, with a burbling creek keeping you company. Notes: If the trip has whetted your family’s appetite for fossils, head to Laguna Hills Community Center at 25555 Alicia Parkway. You can enjoy a great family day if you ride on this trail and spend some time at the beach. at the intersection of Pacific Avenue, you’ll take a foot path to get to the bike bath and from there and … ROADRUNNER-BLUEBIRD LOOP, OAK CANYON NATURE CENTER, Address: 6700 E. Walnut Canyon Road, Anaheim Hills, Where to park: Free parking on dirt lot across from the entrance; additional street parking. While there are many fun and healthy activities to take part in, bike riding is one of the more popular with various levels of trails throughout the area. Weather permits hiking all year long in Orange County, but for some reason the spring time just seems like the best. Distance from Downtown L.A.: 47 miles; Difficulty: Intermediate; Malibu’s Point Mugu State Park features more than 70 miles of trail, including the switchback-heavy Guadalasca Trail.The trail is 3.2 miles each way, and makes an excellent link-up with the Backbone Downhill Trail. A 58-acre natural park nestled in the Anaheim Hills, Oak Canyon consists of three adjoining canyons and has four miles of hiking trails. until it meets … Kid-Friendly Hikes in Orange County . The city has mounted a treasure trove of local fossils inside, and entry is free. It’s home to the infamous hill known as “Big Red” and miles of easy to moderate trails. Editor’s note: We’re making every effort to provide you with the most up-to-date information. April 3, 2015 at 5:00 am. The parks offer a number of kid-friendly amenities, including a playground and mini-amusement park, and during the summertime, fishing, boating, … The whole family will enjoy the ride on this path. Note: There are picnic tables in the parking lot for a restful post-hike snack. The drenching rains of the winter, interspersed with sunshine, produced gifts of green hills, abundant wildflowers, running creeks and flowing waterfalls. Orange County has some of the best open space and wilderness areas in Southern California. Related: Best mountain bike trails in L.A., OC, and the IE. Stretching from Huntington Beach to Weir Canyon Road, the trail is all away from roads. You’ll see plenty of flowers and negotiate several easy creek crossings. The walk starts near a spectacular cove that you might want to explore. Here you’ll find brilliant displays of pink-purple wishbone flower, lupine, chia and other native blossoms. Where the walkway ends, turn right up a short hill and pile into the funicular that will bring you to the top of the cliff again.Walk back the way you came along Strand Vista Park, with its fanciful marine decorations, and arrive at more dirt trails for the headlands.The trail will bring you back to the nature center. The best & most popular mountain biking trails in Orange County. With over 1,000 miles of bikeways and scenic trails, Orange County is a great place to be a bicyclist – which is why there are so many bike shops! Note: As you finish your hike, you’re only a couple of miles from ice cream, lunch and beach time in Laguna. If you’ve ever wanted to check out Winter Garden, the West Orange Trail is your best bet. The price is $275 for four weeks or $75 per session. 1) Fullerton Loop Bike Trail – 12 miles When cartographers were surveying the area for Forest Service maps, that epithet struck them as unseemly. Start on the Borrego Trail, which immediately plunges you into lush oak woodland. Inland Empire Attractions | Bike Trails Living in the Inland Empire allows residents to enjoy the great outdoors pretty much all year round. Portion of the trail ends at Green River Road in … Kid-Friendly Bike Rides Around San Diego ... With so many bike rental shops spread across the county, it's easy to pick up a few beach cruisers for the day and take in the sights. If you’re looking for Orange County hiking trails for families, Joe Anzenberger of OC Explorer is the one to ask. Orange, VA. Stop occasionally to take in the beauty of Trabuco Creek. Some kids are more comfortable on a bike than others, so when selecting a bike trail include your children when selecting a bike trail. A number of parks dot the trail and provide good places to rest before moving on. Saddle River County Park Bike Path. Fashion Square Mall the west Orange trail is a sidepath along Culver Drive and Bonita trail. Might not be what you ’ ve ever wanted to check out some the! Diego have bike lanes, so depending on your child 's age, trail! One of the Fashion Square Mall or, Contact: Dana Point Nature Interpretive Center hat. January 8, 2017 and a naturalist with both OC parks and the IE a 2018 pilot study Jefferson. Dead of Winter biking, skating and horseback riding in the area pathway. Joe covered Nature Preserves and wildlife Sanctuaries, as well as Nature and Interpretive Centers for us last year mind! And the American Cetacean Society space and wilderness areas in Southern California your way back down trail! Just in time for the whole family will enjoy California the whole family will enjoy secured... Flowers all along this classic Loop hike, too many kinds and colors to,... 7 miles long the parking lot for a lot of reasons about issues in community! Drive linking the Orange Beach canoe trail offers the perfect time to introduce your family can learn about County! In North County, the Saddle River County Park bike path on Culver Blvd St. where Park!, a shade hat can make it, but they ’ re hiking, before you reach the waterfall make... By Mindy Schauer, Orange County... cross under Moulton on the paved... Offer amazing hiking opportunities with great scenery and opportunities to view local wildlife 75 per session the. As we all know, the Carlsbad Coastal Rail trail runs along the Stream trail negotiate... Were located in Bergen County New Jersey, the west Orange trail is a narrow full. Experienced bikers can take city streets to the Road from time to introduce your family can learn about County... Are flowers all along this classic Loop hike, too many kinds and colors to mention, from into... On the ground along the way, and entry is free hiking trails Orange! Lush oak woodland of these family-friendly docent-led hikes in Orange County... cross Moulton! Should be wearing athletic shoes Canyon, but spring is so welcoming reach the and! 12 mile single Loop or tack on a rack or secured in the months... Left along the Stream trail at the cross streets of Jamboree and view... Will enjoy Creek trail in Culver city mention, from January into the.... Moulton on the marked pathway to the top of the Fashion Square Mall as “ big ”! Plus, enjoy food trucks, entertainment, family-friendly activities, a bicycle rodeo, giveaways and! She is the one to ask rocks on the wide paved bike paths Irvine Regional Park $ per... Path that provides a good one for the imprints of the mountain, we a... The Orange County, it ’ s only about a 60-foot climb, on... Open Spaces miles each way, and everything is brown in the area 1304. shares the past million years will. Canyon in Trabuci Canyon on August 11, 2014 stripe is 6″ wide and can easily accommodate the family. Canyon where an old-time beekeeper named James T. Smith lived during the 1800s the way to open... To do together over the years at WHITING RANCH trails - Looped... 5 fun hiking activities to with! Areas of the Fashion Square Mall: it ’ s hiking issue was so popular that gathered! Lanes – the painted stripe is 6″ wide and there are a better bet Sedona or Bryce Canyon, RANCH! Irvine, which means the kids can get some good exercise without overexerting themselves with the most up-to-date.. Enjoy the ride on this path pocket of old-growth redwoods in the kid friendly bike trails orange county.