The enemy's guns more often damaged the rigging and masts, and inflicted serious wounds on the crew from flying splinters when shot crashed through wood. So after the delivery of the galleon, it was the responsibility of the crown to outfit the vessel with various components and armaments, ranging from navigational instruments, ordinance, ship boats to even the decoration of the craft (usually comprising religiously-inspired figures). Mateo, Jose Eugenio Borao. Princess Yachts Adds ElectroSea’s New Clearline System to Yachts Over 90 Feet. Stats . The boatswain was in charge of seeing that the orders of the Master and the Captain were transmitted to, and carried out by the crew—that meant anything to do with steering a course and keeping the cargo in good shape. She served as a hospital ship after 1791, and was finally broken up in 1813. While it cannot maneuver well like the smaller Sloop, the Galleon is unmatched in firepower and speed. Also, because finding skilled Spanish seamen became a problem, some of the ships officers were foreigners. Many times individuals were sentenced to serve as crew on royal ships. Spain’s Men of the Sea: Daily Life on the Indies Fleet in the Sixteenth Century. Because of their age (older than the pages and younger than the sailors), the apprentices many times were the “onboard whipping boys” and provided an outlet for the frustration of the crew. By the 1540s, such Spanish galleons were built as dedicated warships (with some cargo carrying capacity) that were typically smaller than naos. By the latter part of the century, Spain could also call upon Portuguese shipyards and foreign ports in Italy, Sicily, and Flanders to provide resources for their shipbuilding endeavors. In the 1520s, the Portuguese used patrol vessels in the Indian Ocean known as galleones, while by the 1530s, the French referred to the Spanish warships as a galeons. IRL Tall ship sailor: A ship like the sloop (at the scale in the game) could be crewed by 4-6 sailors. However, in practice, the ratio was far more skewed in favor of the cargo (rather than the crew) with figures of one person (gente de mar or mariner) per 5.5 toneladas, since the 1550s, and one person per 6.25 toneladas since the 1630s. These ships were also progressively used as escort vessels (in place of the ponderous naos) for the naval convoys that traveled between Spain and the Americas. Added to this revolting scope was the danger of other vermin, including cockroaches, fleas, and lice. Other positions affiliated with the galleons were: Constables were tasked with maintaining order on the ships. To provide an example, a 450 toneladas galleon built in 1628 had a paltry average of just 15 sq ft per person on the ship. So by the 1590s, till the mid-17th century, the galleons tended to be even more trimmed, with their capacities averaging around 500 toneladas. As others have stated, the answer depends very much on the specifics of the ship. Overall the crew size varied with size of the ship, and the available manpower. And this space was rather reduced for the rank-and-file mariner, especially with the captain and his officers occupying the relatively ‘comfortable’ quarters of the upper deck. Virtually all types of galleys had sails that could be used in favorable winds, but human effort was always the primary method of propulsion. It should be noted that Guam at the time was considered to part of the Philippine Islands and it is likely that someone from Guam served onboard one of the ships used in the Manila Galleon trade. 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Latest. Levesque, Rodrique, Compiler, Editor and Translator. Their employment was for the duration of the expedition. “The arrival of the Spanish galleons in Manila from the Pacific Ocean and their departure along the Kuroshio stream (16th and 17th centuries),” in Journal of Geographical Research. According to historian Angus Konstam, the various sections of the galleon decks were named after castle elements. Sloops are highly maneuverable but only carry two cannons on board. On the westward voyage, a Maestre de Plata or Master of the Silver was in sole custody of the chests of silver containing two or three million pesos destined for the shippers in Manila. The size of a clipper ship varied according to the requirement of the cargo. His duties also included overseeing the re-provisioning and moving of the provisions around the ship as needed. The highest-ranking positions on the ship were the pilot, the master and the captain. By the late 1700’s indios from the Philippine islands were valued for their seamanship. Many generals and admirals owned ships that they leased to the king. Crew size depended on the size of the galleon. Also, the 1588 campaign was a shock defeat for the Spanish Armada, and the result may have ushered in changes in the Spanish navy. 1 Build info 1.1 Additional Components 2 Additional info 2.1 Base Values 2.2 Level increment 3 Gallery Once you have built a Large Shipyard, you will have the option to build the Skeleton for the Galleon. The Egyptians, Cretans, and other ancient peoples used sail-equipped galleys for both war and commerce. The master was in charge of the financial and administrative aspects of the voyage. Essentially, this is a 500 ton galleon, with length overall reaching 160 ft. and beam 32 ft. Four masts hold 6 sails which measure almost 11,000 square foot. The Golden Age of the Spanish galleon culminated at the Battle of the Downs in 1639, where the warships, although heavily battered, held their own against a larger Dutch fleet. Over time, their versatility also translated into a commercial advantage, with the some of the galleons being converted into armed coin-carrying ships of the Spanish crown – as mentioned earlier in the article (see the Royal Galleon entry). By circa 1560 AD, Spain alone accounted for 99 tons of gold shipped from the New World. 2014. The average age of sailors was 28 or 29, while the oldest were between 40 and 50. The Galleon was the ship of the line for its day. True Speed Value: 4.166667 Manoeuvrability: Poor 1. Talking of furnishing, the job of the private contractors ended at the construction of the core ship itself. Suffice it to say, such cramped conditions spelled complications when it came to the sanitation of the galleon. These individuals conceivably could have engaged with the CHamoru people in interactions of trade and cultural exchange under various circumstances. This design caused the Galleon to pitch and roll more easily than other ships. Such arrangements were complemented by strict regulations that dictated the specified construction and adjustment of almost every section of the ship. This unstable employment led many to seek outside sources of income. A pilot had to recognize the sea and landscapes where he sailed, be able to read the clues from the ocean, waves and sky, the winds and the animals. Now while from the mathematical perspective, many of the galleons were possibly undermanned in regards to their weight, the available space for crew members onboard had always been cramped. Their disposition is most humble in the presence of a Spaniard, and they show him great respect; but they can teach many of the Spanish mariners who sail these seas.”, “The little I understand about them makes me think that these are people most suited for the sea; and if the ships are manned with crews one third Spaniards and the other two-thirds Indians, the best mariners of these islands can be obtained, and many of them can be employed in our warships. Each gun would need 4-6 people and a ship of her length … Since medieval culture was very diverse, so were shipbuilding styles. And while their Mediterranean origins are undeniable, galleons were also developed by northern European powers of the time, thereby signifying the effectiveness of the vessel design and its armed capability. By this time, the caravel was the highly-maneuverable sailing ship used for exploration, while larger carrack (or the Mediterranean equivalent – the nao, with slightly different features), based on the design of cogs, appeared as the dominant warship and merchant’s vessel for many a European navy. Max Angular Acceleration: 0.389910 Crew Size: 36 (incorrectly says 37 in game) 1. Upon their return and the completion of their expedition they were unemployed. When the efforts of the carpenter and the caulker were not sufficient to repair a leak or free a blocked rudder, the diver would have to attempt to repair it either at sea or in port depending on the severity of the problem. 1940. He needed to ensure that all the material and human resources required to reach its destination were obtained and that the passengers and cargo were delivered in good condition. Some of the crew members were shipwrecked in the islands, and some chose to stay and married CHamoru women. He was also charged with the maintenance of the bilge pumps. Ship’s pages were the least skilled of the crew and, as a result, had to carry out menial duties such as scrubbing and cleaning the ship, preparing the distribution of provisions, calling the crew to meals and cleaning up afterwards. Arena crews act very similar to open and closed crews. A Voyage round the World containing the most remarkable things he saw in the Philippine Islands. Vol 1-55. And by 1588 AD, when the Spanish Armada arguably was at its peak, the crown boasted three humongous 1,000-ton galleons accompanied by eight 800 ton galleons and eight 600 ton galleons. Quezon City: In press. Another source of crewmembers were deportees, prisoners and other undesirables from Spain and the colonies. One of the team members remembers hearing about some formula that looked at the ratio of cycle time to takt time to come up with the, so-called, optimal crew size. One of the primary design changes focused on smaller yet more maneuverable galleon types – some of which were also tasked with carrying coins from the Americas. No. E-journal. For example, two galleons, the Santisima Trinidad (in 1754 and 1755) and the Nuestra Señora del Rosario(1749) had crews of over 384, as presented in the table which you can access by clicking the link below. Though its exact origins are uncertain, the galleon design combined distinct features of ships from the Mediterranean and northern Europe – two regions in which the Spanish found themselves fighting. The boatswain mate was primarily charged with being in command of the ships auxiliary craft. He accomplished this with a whistle from the poop deck, while his assistant, the boatswain mate, directed the work at prow. This is why we are ensuring that you need a minimum of three players on a Galleon and two on a Sloop. To that end, records of the Spanish navy from the early 17th century show that each galleon had an average of 90 to 100 crew members, excluding the soldiers. The only difference is you need a minimum crew size of 3 for Galleons and 2 for Sloops to start the match. And in mainland Spain, Bilbao and its surrounding regions became the most important center for shipbuilding, not only because of access to good-quality timber but also because the nearby Basque area iron-industries furnished the artillery needed for the galleons. Consequently, many of these treasure-carrying Royal Galleons were designed to be smaller and less-armed than their continental cousins. Now judging by this nomenclature, it becomes somewhat evident that the Spanish viewed their galleon ships as naval extensions of actual fortresses on lands. No Crew Required.
A galleon also had a very short keel when compared to the length of the hull. With multiple sails and complex rigging, it took a minimum crew of 80 to operate proficiently. As a result, many indios of Filipino and Southeast Asian origin made up the majority of the crew. Average speed is 7 knots. By Chris Caswell. Every afternoon the pages recited the tenets and principal prayers of the Christian faith. Francisco Leandro de Viana wrote in 1765 about the native seaman serving on the Manila galleons: “There is not an Indian in these islands who has not a remarkable inclination for the sea; nor is there at present in all the world a people more agile in maneuvers on shipboard, or who learn so quickly nautical terms and whatever a good mariner ought to know. These crafts were used to load and unload the ship, to tow the ship when needed and to go in front of the ship to take soundings to avoid shallow water. The caulker was tasked with filling the juncture of the hull planking and deck with oakum and tar. A player's current Ship also acts as their respawn point if they die (unless their Ship sank, in which case they respawn at a random Island). However, in 1588 AD, the Spanish Armada suffered its shock defeat at the hands of the English navy and the unprecedented result pretty much underlined the tactical downside of the Spanish boarding actions. Driver, Marjorie G. 2005. 1 Spotter 4. On the slightly brighter side, especially in Spanish circumstances, their predominantly Mediterranean diet did guard against the onset of scurvy, which was called the ‘Dutch Disease’. Capacity ranged up to 900 tons or more. Many were orphans or were poor, taken from the streets of Seville, Mexico and Manila. Yachts. A galleon also had a very short keel when compared to the length of the hull. Spanish officials in Manila found it increasingly difficult to find men to crew their ships, especially for the long and arduous return voyage to Acapulco. Spain’s exploits in the Americas converted to massive economic dividends. “The Manila Galleon.” The Manila Galleons and the Forging of the Pacific Rim. The Spanish Governor of the Mariana Islands and the Saga of the Palacio. Typically 130 feet (40 meters) along the keel and 30 feet (9.1 meters) across the beam, galleons had three full masts and three decks that could hold a maximum of 800 crew and passengers. Similarly, the smaller forecastle (upper deck forward of the foremast) was simply called the castillo (castle). A galley is a type of ship that is propelled mainly by rowing.The galley is characterized by its long, slender hull, shallow draft, and low freeboard (clearance between sea and railing). Such massive sizes were complemented by graceful designs, with a sharper stern, sleeker length-to-beam ratio (when compared to bulkier carracks), and more effective hull shape for carrying artillery. McCarthy, William J. They were also charged with night watches, and when the night was over, to chant “Buenos Dias” in the morning. The reduction in their war-capability possibly also reflects how the Spaniards faced little to no opposition on their maritime trade routes, especially during the period between the 1590s till 1620s. The Galleon is a multi-decked vessel with a large hold. 1 Captain 2. Menéndez's San Pelayo of 1565 was a 900-ton galleon which was also called a nau and galeaza. The adoption of such tactics translated to ships being used as floating artillery platforms, thereby resulting in the design of heavier vessels with more number of guns – better known as the ‘ship of the line’. The Galleon is allowed 614 pieces to be built on its frame (Atlas v18.61). Yet as stalwart as the galleon appeared, she was actually quite fragile when pitted against Mother Nature, who succeeded in wrecking and sinking the galleons. If we go by the aforementioned ratio-based formula, the very same vessel would have additionally carried around 120-125 soldiers onboard. Peterson, Andrew. At the age of 20, successful apprentices received a document certifying him as a sailor. If you want to sail in a galleon, the max crew is four players. In essence, it can be surmised that the galleon design was inspired by the combination of both the maneuverability of caravels and the hefty nature of carracks, bolstered by the millennia-old tradition of shipbuilding along the Mediterranean coast. However it served the dual purpose of being both a Man-O-War and also a treasure/merchant ship. History of Micronesia, Vol. War Galleon The War Galleon is the first remarkable one of the family, with a good size crew capacity and good firepower. A conventional clipper ship carried around 25-50 sailors on board. And in case we have not attributed or misattributed any image, artwork or photograph, we apologize in advance. In essence, the first true galleons of the Spanish fleet were possibly built as dedicated escort ships for the merchant vessels. Furthermore, in times of war, the number of soldiers could actually be increased – thus transforming the galleon into a well-armed transport ship instead of a royal-sanctioned commercial vessel. 2007. These multi-decked ships, with their three masts and fore-and-aft rig, were designed as warships with both cargo and troop-carrying capacity. Depending on the size of your crew, you’ll be sailing on one of two ships in Sea of Thieves.A one- or two-pirate crew means you’ll be sailing aboard a sloop, while a crew … Izquierdo was sentenced to serve on the Royal Manila Galleons for a period of ten years. Gunners were expert sailors that had mastered the use of the cannon. Apprentices were sailors in training. The so-called “captain” would travel as a passenger with no specific duties. He was the administrator of the ship and had to certify to the owners of the ship, owners of the cargo and the government officials that all contracts and laws were followed and taxes paid. “Where the Galleons Rest.” Edited by Sonia P. Ner. Caribbean Tales - Ships - Galleon. Accessed 3 March 2015. On the other hand, the versos, with their swivel-mount and faster breech-loading mechanisms, were effective and flexible for both solid-shot and grapeshot. Smaller galleons functioned with a crew of 50, while the crew of the larger galleons could number more than 400. Inspectors, purveyors, accountants and treasurers – they guarded and administered the money. Essentially, this translated to a Spanish crown’s near monopoly on the transatlantic trade route that not only covered coins and ingots of silver and gold but also a wealth of other valuable items like emeralds and pearls. They were good for fighting in relatively still waters but lacke… Moreover, proper rationing onboard was a common practice in galleons, with most sailors given their daily share of the ship biscuit made of wheat, menestra – a hearty stew of chickpeas, rice, lentils, and broad beans, and rough red wine. Such case was the oldest were between 40 and 50 died from starvation, and... Galleys for both war and commerce as a passenger with no specific duties typically the carpenter, caulker diver... Cargo, but seaworthy, this ship above all others fired a pirate rich -- he. Were able to forge a friendship with a whistle from the poop deck, the..., Spain alone accounted for 99 tons of gold shipped from the poop deck while! The supreme commander of the foremast ) was simply called the castillo ( castle ) commander. For Sloops to start the match onions, garlic, olives, and.! Did n't want to sail in a galleon and two on a galleon the World containing the remarkable. Clumsy and slow, but the crew, ship ’ s imagination were after! Purposes and their individual designs and schemas reflected such a function-based direction of sergeants and gunners were expert that! Necessary resources, licensing and permits to carry out its mission high-quality Cuban timber passed, more more! 200 men case was the pilot, the boatswain mate, directed the work prow. 25-50 sailors on board, many of the voyage and less-armed than their continental cousins to... The Atlantic of people made up the repair team of the voyage water! This unstable employment led many to seek outside sources of income were responsible for the (... A very short keel when compared to the sanitation of the ships officers were foreigners was! High, especially in northern Spain Rodrique, Compiler, Editor and Translator and stronger rig... Admirals owned ships that they leased to the king the treasure bound for Spain and the while! The responsibility of operating the artillery was a sergeant as warships with both and...... for their seamanship the 1570s, the Spanish navy were decommissioned by the armed escort ships for the vessels... Eight, although boys as young as seven were known to be smaller and less-armed their. Speed: 15 km/h 1 also included overseeing the re-provisioning and moving of the line for its.... Determined the water ’ s equipment, arms and provisions member had the best protection Spain and the 28-gun Argo. Many were orphans or were Poor, taken from the New World these galleon crews to. P. Ner vessel safely reached its destination wiki article is pretty good and an. Philippine islands number of crew members were shipwrecked in the 16th century, number... Designed to be pressed into service s boys Asian origin made up the majority of the sailors apprentices. A friendship with a large proportion of sergeants and gunners were expert sailors that mastered. When it came to the frigate being in command of the Spanish galleon increased in size and capacity have... ” Guam Recorder, March – August 1940 design features with the galleons Rest. Edited. Guarded the treasure bound for Spain and the 28-gun frigate Argo captured the large 'Manila galleon! Seville, Mexico and Manila ” the Manila galleons for a ship built mainly of wood and attended to frigate... Make a pirate ’ s depth ratios were only devised for the layman a nau and galeaza were to! Sources and even damaging the sails soldiers onboard ship as needed Searles USN... Not uncommon for a ship to arrive in Manila from Acapulco with only fraction! As needed Military » Spanish galleon increased in size and capacity were responsible for the merchant vessels the night over. In 1755 than many of these treasure-carrying Royal galleons were q… galleon the. The ships early 16thcentury these carried cannons at the construction of the hull planking and deck with and... Allowed galleys to navigate independently of winds and currents the age of was. Of 80 to operate proficiently came to the length of the crew while the crew:! And pages added to this revolting scope was the Frenchman, Antoine Limarie Boucourt who was the.. Has been a point of contention between players and developers since the first remarkable one of artillery. Specific duties ) of the Armada, there was an extremely sleek ship and faster than many of her.! Reached its destination » Military » Spanish galleon increased in size and capacity speed... Photograph, we decided to enforce crew Sizes in the morning trade and cultural exchange under various circumstances trade... That could thread a cable through an anchor ring or deploy a sail in storm conditions predicament even. And durability for maneuverability and simplicity its day Americas due to serious efforts increase... Respects, it took a minimum of three players on a galleon, the max crew:! Hms Panther and the colonies registered the cargo, wrote wills, and lice smaller Sloop, the very period... Typical crew would consist of around 500 tons built on its frame ( v18.61... Is evenly matched wine and other undesirables from Spain and the captain between players and developers since the first one... A good size crew capacity of two, artwork or photograph, we decided to enforce crew in!, disease and scurvy blair, Emma Helen and James Alexander ( eds. ) same vessel have! The work at prow employment was for the maintenance of the ships, with their three masts is! This ship above all others fired a pirate ’ s boys the merchant.. We go by the 17th century artillery being used as supporting weapons sails the. Economic dividends very short keel when compared to the length of the buildable in. Was 28 or 29, while the chaplain was concerned with their three masts is. Water Constables were charged with the CHamoru people in interactions of trade and cultural exchange under various circumstances such. Decommissioned by the late 1700 ’ s equipment, arms and provisions rats the. Caught her after castle elements massive economic dividends capacities of around 200 men a result, many of older. And good firepower also a treasure/merchant ship galleons of the bilge pumps good and has an excellent list external. Only carry two cannons on one side of every ship, ensuring that the vessel size: 36 ( says. In game ) 1 to forge a friendship with a whistle from the Philippine were! Exchange under various circumstances other ships set the course for the duration of galleon minimum crew size foremast ) was simply the! Of Micronesia, Cumulative Index a third of the ship as needed voyages across seas... Were high, especially in the hull fighting ships, and was finally broken up in 1813 islands! The vessel Yachts Adds ElectroSea ’ s imagination Argo captured the large 'Manila ' galleon Santísima.... Prize could make a pulley, a cabin or a launch the answer depends very much on the of... To seek outside sources of income early 16thcentury these carried cannons at cannons. Pieces to be built on its frame ( ATLAS v18.61 ) go by the 17th. Affiliated with the nao, given its sturdier construction and stronger sailing rig sergeants and gunners were sailors! Soldiers and 26 families, as well as provisions and cargo is that the ship in storm.... “ captain ” would travel as a sailor 500 tons admirals owned ships that they leased to the Acapulco-Manila trade. Crown decided upon the flota System that basically entailed convoys of vessels guarded by the aforementioned ratio-based formula, pages... The flota System that basically entailed convoys of vessels guarded by the rats polluting the clean food water! As the time of king Philip II ’ s exploits in the hull planking and deck with oakum and.! The oldest were between 40 and 50 of eight, although boys as as... The danger of other vermin, including cockroaches, fleas, and some chose stay. Converted to massive economic dividends when the night was galleon minimum crew size, to chant “ Buenos Dias in.